Book Shape Wood USB Flash Drives

Product Details

Book Shape Wood USB Flash Drives

1. Brief description

The both sides of the book can be either printed or laser engraving.  Covering an area of 40×24 mm, per page, the logo of the company is perfectly placed to give customers time and again to draw attention. The overall dimension of 55 x 34 x 11 mm allows you to connect to your computer or laptop via a USB 2.0 or USB 1.1 port.

It is the perfect promotional gift and the customers will be thrilled.

2. Quick Details

●Material Wooden Book USB Stick
●Size: 55 x 34 x 11 mm
●Weight: 12.5g

●Printing or laser engraving on both sides possible
●Print Area Body: 40×25 mm

3. Additional Services

Data Preloading:
We can preload your data in the format of PDF, product catalog, videos or any other material for promotions.

Dual Zone / File Lock
Dividing the USB Stick into 2 zone; One is for read-only CD-ROM zone and the other is the removable user area as a regular Usb Flash Drive;
It is a good way to protect your data by the ready -only CD ROM zone; Further it is a good way to preload the file especially when it is software;

Auto Run Function
Take the advantage of Auto Run function to promote your company and reach your clients:
Make sure your company message is reinforced! Pre-load the following options to auto-run when each Flash Drive is inserted into a user’s computer:

* Software Program
* Flash Presentation
* PowerPoint
* Pop-up Website
* Play Movie Clips
* And More…

With over decade experience in manufacturing USB flash drives and selling them in home and abroad, Kangchi Technology is well acknowledged as one of the professional book shape wood usb flash drives manufacturers and suppliers. Customized book shape wood usb flash drives are also available.