Tiger Cartoon USB Flash Drives

Product Details

Tiger Cartoon USB Flash Drives


. Hot plug and play, no driver needed.

. High speed USB 2.0, writing speed: 3-10 MB/ s, writing speed: 10-20 MB/s.

. Data retention: over 10 years

. Writing cycles: more than 10 years

. Function: anti-shock, light-weight

.Working temperature: 0-60 C

. Warranty: 3 years

. Application: Data freeload, Non-Erasable, Auto running, Encryption, Custom Icon Creation, Locked / Hidden contents

. Service: Corporate gifts, business gifts, Promotional gifts, Personal needs, Advertisement, Resell, etc

About usb capacity:

The real capacity of usb on computer is different from the said capacity from supplier because the conversion way is different between MB and GB. Computer counts on 1024 while suppliers count on 1000. So the real capacity is always less than the said capacity. Generally the real capacity is about 90% of the said capacity. For example, For 4GB, the real capacity is  about 3.5-3.8 GB; For 8GB, the real capacity is about 7.2-7.6 GB; For 16gb, the real capacity is about 14.5- 15.2 GB.


1. I get a 16 GB USB flash drive, SD card, TF card, why i can’t copy a 6.4 GB video into the usb?

The biggest capacity of a single file that using on the default FAT32 system is 4gb, if you want to store single file over than 4gb, such as high-definition videos.

2. Why the computer can’t read the removable disk when i connect it into it?

Reasons could be:

. Reason 1: The USB doesn’t connect computer well;

Solution: Plug the USB off computer, and reconnect it to computer 10 seconds later, if still doesn’t work, retry on another USB port.

. Reason 2: USB function is not displayed

Solution: Start your computer and set in BIOS, find the USB function and choose Enabled.

3. When the usb arrive me after i make payment?

Products will arrive within 3-7 days generally after payment done.

Exact time depends on your quantity.

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